My First Weekend With The Fuji X-H1.

I took the X-H1 to my first photo shoots this weekend. I even managed to do a little street photography while I waited for the model to arrive. I used the 16mm f1.4, 23mm f2, and the 60mm f2.4 and used each one of them for various situations. The biggest surprise of the bunch was the 60mm f2.4. It performed extremely well during the rehearsal shoot.

The Fuji X-H1 also performed like a champ. Walking around NYC with it was so easy because of the bigger grip. I didn’t even need the booster grip during Saturday’s shoot because the battery lasted all day. 

My one issue with the X-H1 was during high speed shutter. My cards must be slow because I needed to wait while my shots transferred to my card. I guess I need to invest in some faster cards. 

On Saturday I shot an album cover for a friend. She wanted a badass look and we hit the right look within the first few minutes. She chose an alley in Canal Street for the setting and instantly connected with it’s vibe. 


Sunday marked the first time I took photos of a band. They wanted some photos during rehearsal and encouraged me not to worry about getting in the way. It was a really great experience and I am so thankful for the opportunity.