Jose Betancourt is a photographer from New York City. Born and raised in the Bronx, Jose has always admired how organically the people of NYC went about their business. It was this admiration that led him to documenting his daily trips to work and back. 

I developed my style through years of trial and error. I often lean towards monochrome, and moody scenery, but I do enjoy capturing the joys of color. Whether during bookings or collaborations, I look to incorporate my unique style in to many forms of photography.  

My love for creating content does not end with photography. For over a decade, I have been hosting podcast ranging from Video Games, Movies, and Photography. My longest running podcast is called the Post Game Report and can be found on iTunes.

I can also be found on YouTube. My channel is somewhat random, but the one constant is my willingness to help fellow consumers who are looking for information regarding products we might own, or show some interest in. I can be seen reviewing my Fuji gear, or favorite Video Game. Check it out when you can. 

Shoot me an email for inquiries.

Email: jvbeta@gmail.com